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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Top 5 Undergraduate courses in Australia

Australia has been a fancied study abroad destination for many reasons such as their liberal immigration laws, top class educational facilities and outstanding living lifestyle.  International students wish to study in English speaking countries for undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate education.  Australia is ranked third most desired study overseas destinations worldwide. 

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Over the years Australian Universities have seen consistent demand in certain subjects chosen by their Undergraduate students.  Here are the most enticing UG course options to studyoverseas in Australia:

1. Mechanical Engineering has been the first choice amongst the Indian students for several generations.  It opens up magnificent opportunities for these students. 

Here’s a list of Top Universities* offering UG degree in Mechanical Engineering in Australia
  1. Victoria University, Melbourne
  2. Federation University, Victoria
  3. Macquarie University, Sydney
  4. Monash University, Melbourne
  5. RMIT University, Melbourne

2. Business Administration is a phenomenal option for those looking to study Master’s degree after their Undergraduate studies.  The Undergraduate degree is a step towards a Master’s degree in Australia or other foreign destinations.

Here’s are the top Universities offering bachelors in Business Administration in Australia
  1. University of Canberra, Canberra
  2. Southern Cross University, Sydney - Melbourne
  3. Macquarie University, Sydney
  4. Monash University, Melbourne
  5. Bond University, Robina

3. Information Technology degree has a very flexible admission policy for students from a non-Science background as well.  This is a splendid option for students considering their option of technical education, regardless of their academic background. 

Here’s a list of Top Universities offering Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia
  1. Victoria University, Melbourne
  2. La Trobe University, Melbourne
  3. Macquarie University, Sydney
  4. Giffith University, Gold Coast
  5. Edith Cowan University, Joondalup

4. Civil Engineering is another branch of engineering greatly in demand by the International students.

Here’s a list of Top Universities* offering Bachelors in Civil Engineering in Australia
  1. University of Wollongong, Woolongong
  2. Victoria University, Melbourne
  3. La Trobe University, Melbourne
  4. RMIT University, Melbourne
  5. Edith Cowan University, Joondalup

5. Animation and Design has seen a drastic increase in the demand amongst its Australian and International students.  It highlights all its forms of animation.  It’s comprehensive course structure along with exciting job opportunities in Australia and overseas industries makes it one of the best UG courses offered in Australia. 

Here’s a list of Top Universities* offering Bachelors in Animation and Design in Australia
  1. Bond University, Robina
  2. Giffith University, Gold Coast
  3. RMIT University, Melbourne
  4. University of Canberra, Canberra
Further to the above mentioned courses, popular areas amongst the International students are General Medicine, Aerospace Engineering and Architecture.   
In summary, studying in Australia offers outstanding choices to the Indian students.  You can study in these areas that are not offered at a degree level in India or the competition is too high.  So, for all the competent students wishing to study abroad in Australia, contact mapmystudy – your Study Abroad Admission Consultants !

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